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When your children attend Learning Ladder, we want them to enter a warm and nurturing environment where they will feel safe and secure. We want them to know that they are valued as individuals, that they will be cared for, and that they can feel comfortable expressing themselves.

At Learning Ladder, we believe that play facilitates learning. Play clarifies concepts, provides emotional relief, and creates delight. Play also allows for the strengthening of social skills, problem solving strategies, and so much more. For this is a place where they will not only grow academically, but build friendships with their peers. 


We Make Learning Fun!

Making learning fun instills a love of learning and provides a strong base for the school career ahead of them. All children have unique personalities and learning styles. Therefore, our team of teachers are constantly working to create a curriculum based around their needs and interests, while also preparing them academically. Our educators will work to develop each child’s intellectual curiosity as well as social-emotional, motor, self-help, and independent play skills. Our teachers use a hands-on approach to encourage the children to participate in a variety of learning experiences, both open-ended as well as structured, where they will work individually, in small groups, and in large groups. We also strive to promote diversity by addressing it and acknowledging its value. We will work to gain understanding of other cultures around the world through a number of different activities and events. The first responsibility of our teachers, however, is always to maintain the well-being of each child. Only after this can we guide their learning experiences and help them grow to their full potential.


Our Mission

Childhood is a time like no other – a time for exploring, creating, and discovering the world around them. Most importantly, childhood is the time to enjoy being a child. Learning Ladder’s main purpose is to create a safe and nurtutring environment for this to take place.

We will foster the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of each child so that they may continue to grow and develop. We will do this by offering challenging play where a child will learn by being an active participant through group and individually centered activities. These activities will stimulate the child’s natural curiosity about the world around them, increasing creativity and their desire to learn, while also instilling a lifelong love of learning. We encourage parent and family involvement through a number of different opportunities, knowing children thrive when their families and teachers work together to support each other. We also recognize the value of diversity and will work to gain knowledge of the world around us by exploring various cultural backgrounds.

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